Embassy of France in South Africa Masters Scholarships 2019 – 2020

The Embassy of France invites students who wish to continue their tertiary education at Masters level in France
for the academic year September 2019 – 2020 to apply for its bursary program.
This program forms part of the commitment between France and South Africa to establish fruitful partnerships
between their universities while building a vast network of academic and professional contacts.
Students can apply for the first year of a Master’s degree (M1) if they have already obtained a three year
degree or for the second year of a Master’s degree (M2) if they have a four year / honours degree. The duration
of the grant is one year, once renewable should a student originally admitted in M1 continue with the M2

 Citizenship of South Africa or Lesotho. International students may apply if they have a previous
degree from a South African university which was completed in partnership with a French
 Bachelor’s or Honour’s degree (depending on academic year the student is enrolling for),
completed or to be completed by the time the student would depart for France.
 Acceptance from three selected French institutions of the candidate’s choice. Students should
apply for admission to these universities concurrently to the bursary application (admission letters
or at least correspondence with the institutions will be required for complete applications.
 No knowledge of French language required, depending on the availability of study course in
English. Courses relating to the French Language (i.e. translation, interpreting or French language
teaching) must follow a different application process. Please contact Mr. Damien Guyard.
Applications from all academic disciplines will be considered, with preference given to the fields
of science and technology (eg. Energy, transport, environment and biodiversity, social and
political sciences, space and earth science, materials & nuclear physics and chemistry, as well as
food security).
Applications to French public universities are recommended since they have French government
subsidised fees.


Application procedure:
Submit applications via e-mail: pretoria.bourses@campusfrance.org
Application format:
7 attachments in PDF format clearly marked (i.e. Name Surname CV). Jpeg, Word, or any other format will not
be accepted.
1. Fully completed and signed application form.
2. Certified copy of passport.
3. Certified copies of all degree certificates and academic transcripts, chronological according to date of
completion (both for complete and incomplete qualifications).
4. Curriculum vitae (no longer than two pages).
5. Motivation letter (no longer than two pages).
6. Acceptance letters from 3 academic institutions in France (if you have not yet been accepted, proof of
correspondence with the institutions will be required indicating that you have commenced the application
7. The internet links of the three academic institutions indicating the tuition fees of the three selected courses.
Note: It remains the student’s responsibility to ensure that all of these documents are submitted correctly. If any
of the above documents are not received, the student’s application may be considered as incomplete. Please
follow these guidelines strictly, and do not submit any other documents than those required, as these will be

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