New drivers licence legislation delayed

In terms of the announcement, the review process led to a decision by the department to reinstate the status quo with immediate effect, which means that new Class C1, C, EC1 or EC holders of licences may drive Class B and EB vehicles as before.

“This is not good news for the insurance industry and, we believe, not in the best interests of South Africans, as figures indicate that most accidents on our roads are caused by inappropriate driver behaviour. The licencing process plays an important role as it is imperative that drivers have the right skills to qualify to drive specific types of vehicles,” adds Mr Buys.


The SAIA and all its members are committed to road safety and supports all initiatives in this regard. “We call on the authorities to once again reconsider their decision to ensure that drivers are licenced appropriately to drive vehicles for which they have been tested and are qualified to drive,” adds Mr Buys.

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