Business Property Insurance (miway)

Business Property includes a variety of insurance cover types related to the business premises and assets – such as office contents, money, electronic and specialised equipment and stock.

It is up to you which assets you would like to cover for which perils. The standard cover for all assets insured at the business premises includes:
  • Accidental and intentional damage
  • Impact
  • Theft of or any damage caused by attempted theft of fixtures and fittings
  • Acts of nature which include hail, wind, storm, floods, earthquake and lightning
  • Fire and explosion, including charges by the fire brigade and the refilling of fire extinguishing equipment used during a fire at the premises
  • Geyser and pipes, including loss of water in the event of a valid claim

In addition to the standard covers listed above, some of the advantages of having Business Property insurance from MiWay are:

  • Business Interruption cover at no additional cost*!
  • Access to Emergency Assistance – which includes the services of a locksmith, electrician, builder, plumber, glazier, bee keeper or tree feller. Emergency Assistance further includes guard(s) to protect unsecured premises after an insured event to mitigate further loss.

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